Tor Anderson


Other Information:

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Chalmers University of Technology.

Special Courses:

Economy, business German, decion making psychology, CAN-bus, Object Oriented Analyses, FMEA, FTA, Rhapsody, Simulink, LOTS, MicroChip, sales and management courses,


Master Thesis:

Digital Event Recorder



Method and system for transmitting information and controlling components. Ericsson/TVAB/Thoreb.



Music, playing keyboard, philosophy, psychology, reading, travel, photography, science history, radioamateur, cars, electronics and solving problems.

Travel: Lisbon 1998



Hobby Projects 2003
Old Glass Plate Photos


It all started with this electronics kit in 1965


Tor's Business History


2005 TorLab represents D2T in Scandinavia for sales and System Integration. D2T from France is a supplier of Test Rig automation tools and equipment.

2003 TorLab is started. Focusing on product and business development to create new fantastic products.

2000 Tadco Automotive and the consulting company Xdin merge to create growth.

1997 Tadco Automotive AB is started. Focus is automatic transmission software and development tools for Volvo Cars and Saab Automobile.

1993 Tadco works as subcontractor for the Caran consultant company.

1987 Tadco electronics laboratory is built in Järpås.

1984 Tadco Production HB is started. Manufacturing of electronic circuit boards for the industry.

1983 Start of Tadco Elektronik. Working as subcontractor for AB Thoreb, developing transporation systems, bus systems, hybrid vehicles and measurement systems

1979 First employment AB Thoreb electronics for transportation systems.

1970 First company RTA, Radiofirma Tor Anderson, repairing radio and TV during high school and university.